“I’ll create a new flower species in your honor.” (A dating profile.)

About me:

Ever heard of a Ruben’s Tube? It’s a pipe drilled with holes across its length, sealed on both ends, attached to a propane supply, then hooked up to a speaker – one that’s playing And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead, ideally. Turn on the music, light the gas coming from the holes, and you’ve got an equalizer made of flame and a physics lesson on the relationship between sound waves and sound pressure.

I make things – Ruben’s Tubes, digital picture frames from old laptops, Monster pencil holders with my 3D printer. I’d love to show you how they work – or help you with your own projects. I’m fascinated with science, mechanics, and electronics, so you probably won’t be surprised to learn I like to read instruction manuals, engineering books, and Make magazine.

For me, it’s all about the simple things in life. A day with you at the race track. A good burger at Sonic. A Stargate marathon and some take-out. I’ll bring you coffee in the morning – or all day, if you drink as much as I do – but I won’t bring you flowers – I’ll create a new species in your honor. And when we hit our one-year anniversary…how does a celebratory cruise in the Caribbean sound?


About you:

You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. You have an inquisitive mind. You look and feel great in jeans and a t-shirt. On weekends, you’ll invite a couple friends to our place to hang out and watch movies. You’re close with your family. You’re a social person, but you won’t be found in a loud bar or a packed club. You’ll strike up a conversation with a stranger. You’re independent.

You’ll take the time to understand what I’m working on – and what I’m feeling. You’ll support my projects, even if they seem crazy or destined to fail. Even better, we’ll work on projects together. You’re focused on being your best self and aren’t afraid of change. You’ll encourage me to try new things. You’ll make me laugh with a hilarious quote. You’ll love my cat Tiny as much as I do.

You’ll make me hot dogs and beans. You’ll watch the Syfy channel with me. You ride motorcycles – mine or yours. We’ll go on walks together. You’ll surprise me by changing the oil in my car. You’ll let me be your Mr. Fix-It. You like to snuggle. You’ll show me your newest painting before it’s done. You don’t just want to be together; you want to work together.