Hi! I’m Amanda Bloom, a freelance writer, designer, and creative with a penchant for journalism, culture, and business.

And pickles.*

Amanda Bloom

Self-portrait in a New Orleans Super 8.

I’m a former indie e-zine publisher, brick and mortar gallery owner, and bicycle salesperson; a lifelong writer, project launcher, and creative adventurer. I help people get the word out about their business, their art, and their stories with magazine-quality content that’s both engaging and informative.

I also write articles, stories, poems, and songs. I just drove across the United States, visited many YMCAs, and am writing about my travels for Wand’rly.


*These are my favorite kind. I also have a penchant for podcasts, peanut butter, pilates, Ann Patchett, and the word penchant.