Hot Diggity Dog! (A band bio.)

Three Legged Dog is like a pair of boots that gets better with age – the leather ones your great-grandfather wore through the Dust Bowl, resoled countless times and broken in with years of sweat and tapping time with the beat. On their debut album, Bone, you’ll hear echoes of Little Richard, Hank Williams, and The Pogues within bittersweet songs of sorrow, love, and heartache. These songs teeter on the cusp of tradition and innovation, old spirit and new.

Three Legged Dog may be an Americana band, but their instinct is to rock. On stage, the band plays with an end-of-the-world energy, and the set isn’t over until at least a few songs unfold into reveries of explosive improvisation. Passion, spontaneity, and what can only be described as musical telepathy bind this five-piece: songwriter and guitarist Jonathan Chapman, bassist Donny Pierro, drummer Conor Andrews, guitarist Jesse Lynch, and Dave Savitsky on saxophone. Chapman, Pierro, and Andrews have been playing and performing together for over a decade, and all five are members of a deep-seated and collaborative community of Western Connecticut artists. As Three Legged Dog, they weave between 20th century songwriting and 21st century vitality with timeless tunes, remarkable musicianship, and arresting live shows.

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