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The Cardiff Review

“A Hopeful Animal”

>Finalist in the 2018 Iowa Review Award for Fiction


>Finalist in the Fall 2017 Arcturus Award for Fiction, Nominee for The Pushcart Prize
New Haven Review

“Project Arcturus”

Storm Cellar

“{Home} Furnishings”


“After the Diet”

The Reject Pile

“Dear Bethenny Frankel”


“Am I a man?”

About Place Journal


“Girl in a coat”

Journalism & Non-Fiction (select)


“Meet the Purple Heart War Vet with a Socialist U.S. Senate Campaign”

“Deleting Your Dating App as an Act of Faith”

Architectural Digest

“Help! My Cat Pees on Literally Everything”


“Inspired by Black Lives Matter, This Masked Man Patrols Under the Cover of Darkness”

The Atlantic

“A Podcast for Your Mental Health”


“Can a Creative Company Form a Creative Workplace?”

The Rumpus

“The Rumpus Interview with Melissa Gira Grant”


“Seeing red: Can safe-words end rape culture in the US?”

“Archer Asks: Sex Nerd, Sandra Daugherty”

am New York 

“Road-Tripping Montana”

the e-list

“Overshores Brewing Company, East Haven”

“Happy Hour at 116 Crown”

“A Wonderful Life at Goodspeed”

New Haven Independent

“‘Little Colombia’ Draws A Latino Salsa Of Customers”

“Farmacia Duo Makes The Adjustment”


“Seeking Sustainability”

“Staying Fit on the Road: A Guide to Exercise for Travelers”

“Oh, What a Heavenly Duo!”

“The Beer at the End of the Road Less Traveled”

‘In Search of…’ blog

“Road Weary”

“Road Blues”

“Going It Alone”

“Montana: A Love Story”

“In Farming & in Marriage, Hard Work Never Hurts”

“Pennsylvania Lessons in Distracted Driving”

“Day One: The Universe Will Meet You”

“The Things in My Car”

Pop City

“Reddit saves Not Another Hostel”

“An Apt Pair: Ampersand Mountain & Follensby Clear Pond”

The Mercurial (web) magazine & gallery


2009 to 2013

Founder, Publisher, Editor, and Curator.

Notable Articles:

“Connecticut Artists Play Small Role in ‘The Big Wedding'”

“Love the One You’re (Eating) With: a Review of ‘Poor Man’s Feast'”

“What If We Put the ‘Militia’ Back in the Second Amendment?”

“Introducing the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange”

Thought Catalog

“Body Image: The Model Religion”

The News-Times

“Rudy Behrens is a whirl of many interests”

The Cupola

“What a Wunderful Class”